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A Tale of Two Dogs
Season 3, Episode 5
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Air date October 12, 1991 (English)
October 30, 1992 (French)
Written by Dennis O'Flaherty
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"A Tale of Two Dogs" is a Season 3 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the sixth episode of the season and the thirty-third episode of the series.

The episode was written by Dennis O'Flaherty.

Plot summary[]

Dr. Wily has, seemingly, had a change of heart, and even agrees to help Dr. Wright build a peace-keeping robot. But needless to say, the mad scientist has ulterior motives. It's up to Mega Man and Captain N to stop Wily, who has stolen their dogs, from using the robot for his own destructive purposes.

Character appearances[]

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  • This episode is based on Mega Man 3.
  • First and only episode in which Rush, Mega Man's robotic dog, appears.
  • This episode was released two months before Mega Man 4 was released in Japan (and three months before it was released in the United States).
  • In The Original NBC Broadcast Version, Mega Man narrated the Promo Teaser for this Episode which aired along side the Super Mario World Episode "The Night Before Cave Christmas"
  • Rush's voice is almost identical to that of Mayor Squaresly, albeit with some electronic effects added.
  • Final appearance of Megaland, along with Dr. Wright (last seen in "Germ Wars") and Dr. Wily (last seen in "The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers"), and his only appearance without Mother Brain and her lackeys.
  • This also marks the Only Episode where Dr Wily is directly interacting Together with Dr Wright in Megaland,where in Previous Episodes,he was always in Mother Brain's Lair scheming up her latest Plot.
  • For that Matter,this Marks the 2nd Time Dr Wily Schemes up a Plot by Himself in Megaland to take it Over,the first Time he plotted a takeover in Mega Land was way back in the Season 1 Episode Mega Trouble for Megaland
  • Only two Robot Masters - Top Man and Doc Robot - appeared, although Mega Man is seen using the Hard Knuckle and Shadow Blade.
  • Although The Scene where Mega Man and Kevin fight the Robo Turtles is based on the first Wily Fortress Stage Boss in Mega Man 3. there are some differences however. in the Original Game, The Boss Room never had a Turtle Vacuum installed on the Walls but instead had Water Whirlpools. Also The Original Game had a UFO Launcher unleashing the Robo Turtles instead of a Turtle Vacuum. Furthermore,in the Original Game,Mega Man defeated the Robo Turtles throwing The Shadow Blade weapon at the Turtles themselves while in The Captain N Cartoon Version, he simply throws the Shadow Blade at the Turtle Vacuum sucking all the Robo Turtles in. Also, the Robo Turtles themselves look more menacing and threatening than their game counterparts.
  • This is the only appearance of Mega Man in season 3 where he does not use the Metal Blade. He does however use the Shadow Blade, which is very similar to the Metal Blade in Mega Man 3. Doc Robot also uses the Metal Blade here.



  • During the scene where Captain N and Mega Man face off against the Tama in Top Man's stage, Mega Man's face randomly changes from an oval shape to a cylinder shape.
  • During the Scene where Kevin and Mega Man Dig through a Wall to look for Duke and Rush where Kevin Says"Are you kidding,we'll be lucky if we're still in Video Land", Kevin's Lips aren't moving.


  • It's never explained how Mega Man obtained the Shadow Blade or the Hard Knuckle when neither Shadow Man nor Hard Man made an appearance in this episode.
    • However, the battle against the peace-keeping robot during the episode's climax takes place in an area that resembles Hard Man's stage, and the Robo-Bees that appear in the episode come from his stage as well. This serves as evidence that Hard Man exists in the continuity of the cartoon, but was defeated before the episode began (and in all likelihood, the same thing happened to Shadow Man).
    • It's also mentioned at the beginning that Captain N and Mega Man are after "the last energy tank" which they get after defeating Top Man, meaning they've already fought and defeated the other Robot Masters off-screen before the episode begins.
  • Mega Man knocks out Top Man with a shot while Top Man's spinning. In the game, Top Man is invincible while he's spinning.
  • At the end of the episode Kevin thinks that Duke talked, even though Rush (who it actually was) talked in front of him and Mega Man a few times over the course of the episode.
  • Not once did Kevin say "Once a sleazoid, always a sleazoid" prior to when Dr. wily kidnaps the dogs.


  • Why would Dr. Wright team up with Dr. Wily? Haven't Mother Brain and her lackeys, including Dr. Wily, betrayed and lied to them in the past?
    • Being based on that game's plot, it is appropriate that Dr Wily would only pretend to make peace with Dr Wright so that he can later double cross both Mega Man and Dr Wright so that he can steal Gamma (AKA: the Peace Keeping Robot) for himself. Further, Dr. Wily was usually working for Mother Brain, willingly or not. Here he was acting on his own without being bossed around or chastised by Mother Brain. Same with the Count in "Simon The Ape Man" and in this season's "Return To Castlevania"
  • When Mega Man first speaks in this episode, his voice is gruff and low-pitched. Throughout the rest of the episode, he speaks in his usual, higher-pitched voice. Did Mega Man's voice actor forget to pitch Mega Man's voice during that one scene?
    • This could be due to the lower budget given by NBC for the 1991 season, which accounts for much of the animation and voice errors, such as a few instances within the episode where Kevin's lips don't move when he speaks.
  • Dr. Wily speaks more clearly than he did in previous appearances; he doesn't wheeze like he did in Season 1 and some of the Season 2 episodes.
  • Taking into consideration that Season 3 suffered from lower-quality writing (on account of NBC's budget reduction for the 1991 Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup), this episode provides another example of Kevin acting out of character, claiming that his dog Duke can best Mega Man's robotic dog, Rush. Why would he even want to argue with Mega Man over this? Shouldn't he be showing more respect towards Rush and his advanced equipment, which are put to good use when stopping Dr. Wily?
    • And why would Kevin and Mega Man argue over who gets to bring the Energy Tank for the peace-keeping robot back to Dr. Wright instead of praising each other for their amazing teamwork defeating Top Man? The N Team never behaved this way before in the first two seasons (with the exception of "The Feud of Faxanadu" from Season 2).
      • During this argument, Simon Belmont's theme is heard, yet this situation is not related to Castlevania, and Simon doesn't even appear in the episode! Did the lower budget also make Michael Tavera indifferent with the music placement during Season 3?
  • At the end of the episode, why did Kevin think that Duke could talk? Was he so dense that he couldn't tell the difference between Rush's voice and his own dog's voice, despite being able to recognize Duke's barks in previous seasons?
    • Kevin may have made the comment to make Rush and/or Mega Man look bad. This would fit in with the insecurity he shows throughout Season 3, and explain (but not justify) why he acts like a jerk after behaving more maturely in Season 2. Also Keep in mind that Season 3 was animated on a poorer budget dued to NBC cutting Severe Animation Costs on they're 1991 Saturday Morning lineup in order to advertise they're upcoming Teen NBC Block the following year which also explains why Kevin behaves out of character throughout the majority of the season 3 episodes.

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