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Android Mike Vincent is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Android Mike Vincent was an evil android Game Master designed by Dr. Wily.


Dr. Wily built this android to defeat Captain N, but to give it a psychological advantage, Mother Brain had it designed to look and think like the person that Captain N most feared. This turned out to be a bully from back on Earth named Mike Vincent. Although the N Team managed to defeat his monstrous allies in short order, the android Mike was easily able to capture them by using the Pause button on his Power Pad.

As Lana soon pointed out, however, Mother Brain had programmed him "too well." He wasn't taking on the N Team because of her orders, but because he wanted to torment Kevin. He challenged Kevin to a race through Castlevania to prove who the real Game Master was, which ended with Kevin hanging from a ledge and the android Mike about to stomp on his hands. Again, the android proved too much like the real Mike, as Kevin was able to remind it that the two of them had once been friends, which caused the android to stop being evil. It helped Kevin attack Mother Brain to save the N Team, but was destroyed when Mother Brain fired a Gatling gun at it. Before it stopped functioning, it said to Kevin that he need not worry as he was not really Mike Vincent - he was just an android.

It is unknown if Kevin Keene ever reconciled with the real Mike Vincent on Earth or told him that he had a robot double in Videoland.