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The Assistant is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


The assistant is a resident of Marblopolis Studio World and a supporting character of Wombatman.


The assistant is quite attractive. She has a beautiful voice, nice figure and looks something like an octopoid version of Dolly Parton.

When she saw Simon Belmont it was love at first sight, though the feeling was not at all mutual. She called him a dreamboat, jumped into his arms, winked at him, and puckered up her lips so he could kiss her. Simon just stated that he was interested in acting so she offered to be his groupie, assistant, or someone with whom he could practice romantic kissing scenes. Simon seemed grossed out, most likely because she was an anthropomorphic octopus and not a human.

Much later, when Simon was checking himself out in a mirror, the assistant spotted him and asked if anyone called for make-up. She ignored everyone else and slithered after him. (It's pretty obvious that this is just an excuse to get him alone in a make-up room, where the only make-up she'll apply to his face is from her lipstick during a make-out session.) Simon ran away with the assistant in hot pursuit.

Kevin ended the episode with the joke "That's a wrap," leaving the audience to think that there's a possibility that the assistant will get her tentacles (and lips) on Simon before the day is over.