Baseball World

Baseball World is, as its name implies, a baseball-themed world. The world is home to Bo Jackson, who serves as the leader of the Videoland All-Stars baseball team. (It's not made clear if the show's Bo Jackson was sucked into Videoland through the real world, or is just a Videoland clone.) Beneath the surface of the world is a cellar in which the residents of the world lock up all their bad equipment - which comes to life and is pure evil! And residing further beneath the surface of the world is the villainous Baseball Card King.


"Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls" - This is the only episode in which the world appears. Bo Jackson and the N Team had to fight their way through Baseball World as Mother Brain tried to take over the Palace of Power in the N Team's absence. Fortunately, they escaped and Mother Brain and cronies ended up trapped in the Baseball World cellar, being chased through a cavern by the villainous pieces of equipment.