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Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls
Season 3, Episode 6
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Air date October 19, 1991 (English)
October 2, 1992 (French)
Written by Calvin Kelley
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"Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls" is a Season 3 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the fifth episode of the season and the thirty-second episode of the series.

The episode was written by Calvin Kelley.

Plot summary[]

The N Team pays a visit to Baseball World for a game with with the Videoland All-Stars, led by Bo Jackson. But Mother Brain is back, and she hatches a deadly plan to trap the N Team in the depths below the world while she and her minions take over the Palace of Power.

Character appearances[]

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  • Originally aired with the Super Mario World cartoon "King Scoopa Koopa." (In some regions however, such as Angleton, Texas, it aired with "The Wheel Thing" instead. The reasons for this are unknown. )
    • Probably since, as noted below, this is the only episode to feature the entire N Team as well as the series' main villains Mother Brain, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard. As a result, some regions may have moved some episodes around out of order in an attempt to kickoff season 3 by having the first episode to include the entire N Team. Season 3 already suffered from a lower reduced budget, so this may have been done to prevent fan confusion.
  • In the original NBC broadcast version, Kevin narrated the promo teaser for this episode.
  • Just like with "Pursuit of the Magic Hoop", this episode doesn't seem to be based on an actual Nintendo game - there are no baseball games for the NES that feature a Baseball Card King or evil baseball equipment.
  • This is the only episode of Season 3 and final episode of the series that features the entire N Team. It is also the only Season 3 episode to feature Mother Brain and her lackeys as the villains.
  • This is the last appearance of The Palace of Power.
  • Final episode with Simon Belmont, Gameboy, Mother Brain, Eggplant Wizard, and King Hippo.
  • This is the only episode where Simon Belmont doesn't wear his normal outfit; instead, he wears a baseball uniform throughout the entire episode.
  • This is Gameboy's only Season 3 appearance. He has no dialogue in the episode other than alert noises.
  • While King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are smaller but otherwise the same in overall design, Mother Brain's design is drastically changed in this episode. She's flatter, less detailed, is missing her tendrils, and generally looks goofy and cartoonish instead of threatening and malicious. (It's kind of ironic that King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard can still take her seriously with her new goofy, cartoonish design.)
  • Bo Jackson, who appears in this episode, was also one of the main characters of the short-lived ProStars, another animated TV series produced by DiC Entertainment. It aired in the same year and on the same network as Season 3 of Captain N. And unlike ProStars, Bo Jackson voices himself here; probably due to the fact that the Captain N episodes are now shorter than in Seasons 1 and 2.
  • This is the second and final episode in season 3 to feature a real life guest star, the first being Pursuit of the Magic Hoop.


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