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Bayouland is a swampy world which is the home of legendary tracker Bayou Billy and his pet alligator, Loafer. But it's not all good guys and good times in Videoland's version of the Bayou. There are snakes, frog men, metallic buzzards, evil alligators, quicksand, and even living trees!


The world only appears in a single episode, "How's Bayou". In the episode, Kevin is lured to the world by Mother Brain and her cronies, who know he isn't good at The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Dr. Wily sends an artificially-created swamp creature to the world to finish off Kevin and the N Team for good - but Kevin ultimately triumphs and saves his friends thanks to the lessons Billy taught him.

Although the world never reappears on the TV series, Bayou Billy and Loafer have a brief cameo in "Having a Ball".