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For the NES game, see BurgerTime.

Burger Time is a world filled with ladders and giant hamburger parts. It is based on the similarly-named game.


The N Team has a warp to this zone in the kitchen of the Palace of Power. The world only appears in the episode "Gameboy," in which Gameboy retreats into the world upon arriving at the palace. Kevin Keene, Simon Belmont, and Mega Man pursue Gameboy into the world, though strangely the warp changes them into food-based outfits. Kevin's Zapper's freeze setting fires ketchup in this world for a reason that is never explained. After failing to catch Gameboy, Simon and Mega Man fall onto an incomplete burger and get squashed by the top bun. While not shown directly on screen, The N Team eventually gets Gameboy back to the palace, and opts to deactivate him for being a troublemaker.