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The Count, as he appeared in "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain"

Count Dracula (also known as Dracula and referred to as the Count for legal reasons) is a vampire from the world of Castlevania. He is Alucard's father and the archenemy of Simon Belmont, and is loosely based on the main antagonist of Castlevania and many of its sequels.


Despite being based on the main villain in the Castlevania franchise, the Count very rarely played a major role in the TV series and was often in a more subservient position.

Like a traditional vampire, the Count has the ability to transform into a bat; however, his bat form looks different from episode to episode. He is also skilled in necromancy and can animate and control undead creatures.

He was the officiant at the wedding of Simon Belmont and Mother Brain. ("Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain")



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