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Cursed Necklace 1

Simon Belmont wearing the Cursed Necklace

Cursed Necklace 2

Dragon Lord wearing the Cursed Necklace

The Cursed Necklace is a magical artifact from Dragons' Den in Videoland. It shrinks and enlarges to fit itself around the wearer's neck.

When the N Team traveled to Dragons' Den to recover the Sun Stone, Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus, and Mega Man got captured by Dragon Lord when he discovered that their artificial dragon was a ruse. He placed the Cursed Necklace around Simon's neck, which caused the Golden Dragon to attack him when it hatched. Princess Lana used some of her Fairy Water to remove the necklace, which Simon then threw around Dragon Lord's neck. Panicking, Dragon Lord used the rest of the Fairy Water and hurled the Cursed Necklace at the attacking Golden Dragon, which destroyed them both.



The Cursed Necklace is based on the item of the same name from Dragon Warrior. It is one of two cursed items in the game, the other being the Cursed Belt.