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Cuts Man is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Cuts Man is one of the Robot Masters from the original NES Mega Man game. He was designed by Dr. Wright and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily.


Cuts Man was the Robot Master whose stage the N Team attempted first in an effort to stop Dr. Wily from using the Three Sacred Treasures.

He was far stronger than the N Team, whose attacks didn't even faze him. It was only through Kevin Keene's creative thinking and getting him to impale himself with his own attack (thanks to Duke) that they were able to defeat him.

Cuts Man was recreated along with the other Robot Masters through the use of the Three Sacred Treasures, but was defeated when the treasures were destroyed by Kid Icarus' newly acquired Fire Arrow.



  • The character's name in Mega Man is "Cut Man" rather than "Cuts Man."
  • Cuts Man looks nothing like his video game counterpart. The video game character is shorter, less muscular, uses a red (or orange) and white color palette, and has a more simplistic scissor shape on his head.