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The Director is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


The director is a resident of Marblopolis Studio World and a supporting character of Wombatman.


The director is an octopoid creature with one eye. He speaks with a thick German accent.

When a giant robot went berserk on the set, the director tried and failed to stop it from attacking the cast and crew. It destroyed a stunt robot and then turned its attention to the director and his assistant, but the N Team came to their rescue. The director was impressed and asked them if they wanted to be actors.

Acting on Mother Brain's orders, Wombatman pulled some strings to get the N Team on his show and helped her capture everyone except Kid Icarus, who convinced him to go and rescue them. The director was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected twists, catching everything on film and encouraging Kid Icarus to stay and be Wombatman's sidekick.