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Donkey Kong is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Donkey Kong is a giant gorilla from Kongoland in Videoland. He is loosely based on the character from the Nintendo game of the same name (and its sequel).


Donkey Kong is a gigantic creature that lives on the jungle world of Kongoland. While he is usually portrayed as a neutral character rather than taking sides in a conflict, he is fiercely territorial and has a volatile temper. These traits, along with his great size and strength, make him a potential threat to anyone who encounters him.

He takes baths in a giant bathtub with a giant shower head. He uses a giant back brush and a giant bar of soap, and wears a shower cap and towel (with his initials printed on it) for whatever reason. ("Kevin in Videoland")

Donkey Kong is a fast runner and a skilled climber, able to ascend trees and even Kongoland's volcano easily. ("Kevin in Videoland")

On one occasion, Donkey Kong fought for Mother Brain without explanation: he participated in a wrestling match on the side of the Forces of Chaos, and easily defeated Captain N and Kid Icarus by sitting on them. ("Videolympics")


Donkey Kong has a much smaller role in the comic. His few appearances depict him as being much more aggressive than his cartoon counterpart. Like in the cartoon, his allegiance is still inconsistent, stories such as "Welcome to Videoland", and "All's Well That Ends Swell" show him as a minion of Mother Brain, but is never seen doing anything for her. In "Video-Town", he's shown climbing a building in a similar manner to King Kong, and in Secrets of the Warp Zones", he chases after Kevin, believing he stole his automatic banana peeler, and stares at Pluton when he sees that he actually had it at the end of the story.