Donkey Kong is a giant gorilla from Kongoland in Videoland. He is loosely based on the character from the Nintendo game of the same name (and its sequel).


Donkey Kong is a gigantic creature that lives on the jungle world of Kongoland. While he is usually portrayed as a neutral character rather than taking sides in a conflict, he is fiercely territorial and has a volatile temper. These traits, along with his great size and strength, make him a potential threat to anyone who encounters him.

He takes baths in a giant bathtub with a giant shower head. He uses a giant back brush and a giant bar of soap, and wears a shower cap and towel (with his initials printed on it) for whatever reason. ("Kevin in Videoland")

Donkey Kong is a fast runner and a skilled climber, able to ascend trees and even Kongoland's volcano easily. ("Kevin in Videoland")

On one occasion, Donkey Kong fought for Mother Brain without explanation: he participated in a wrestling match on the side of the Forces of Chaos, and easily defeated Captain N and Kid Icarus by sitting on them. ("Videolympics")


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