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Dragons' Den is a medieval world occupied by a mixture of humans in villages and talking dragons - good and evil alike. The villainous Dragon Lord, who has tried to take over the land both on his own and with the help of Mother Brain, resides on this world. The world appears in two episodes and is referenced in two others.


Season One[]

Season Two[]

  • "The Trojan Dragon" - Dragon Lord has his servants steal the Sun Stone, which powers the Palace of Power. The N Team heads to the world to stop his plan and get the Sun Stone back, and discover that the true nature of his plan involves awakening a gigantic, pure-evil golden dragon. The N Team visits Hyrule to build a fake dragon to infiltrate Dragon Lord's domain, and ultimately manage to trick him into destroying his diabolical creation.
  • "I Wish I Was a Wombatman" - The world does not appear in this episode, but a reference to it is found in a Dragons' Den-themed area of the studio world, which includes a fire-breathing Dragon Lord animatronic.

Season Three[]