Hoopland is a strange, basketball-based world.


"Pursuit of the Magic Hoop" - This is the only episode in which the world appears. Lana, Kevin and Duke visit during a holiday on which a Magic Hoop appears - and sinking a basket results in a wish being granted. Lana wants to get her father out of the Mirror World once and for all. Everything on the world was invented by Hoopless, a young Steve Urkel look-alike inventor. He creates the robot Rebound to be a friend for him and to have his wish granted of being taller - but Rebound accidentally uses the wish to become gigantic himself and begins causing chaos. The N Team joins up with Larry Bird (it isn't substantiated if he was sucked into Videoland from the real world like Kevin or is just a Videoland duplicate) to scale Hoop Mountain and reach the hoop. Eventually they succeed, and Lana ends up using the wish to restore Rebound to normal.