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Hyrule is a fantasy/adventure world in Videoland. It is based on the land of the same name from The Legend of Zelda and its sequels. It (along with Link and Princess Zelda) appears or is referenced four times on the show, all of which were in the second season.


  • "Quest for the Potion of Power" - This episode sees Link and Zelda meeting Kevin for the first time. They join forces to foil a plan to resurrect Ganon. Link is initially jealous of Kevin stealing his thunder during their adventure, but ultimately decides that he and Kevin need to work together. Ganon is eventually revived by Mother Brain but defeated by his own blast when Link and Kevin use Reflect magic.
  • "Having a Ball" - This episode sees the N Team returning to Hyrule in an effort to recover the Triforces of Power and Courage, which have been stolen by Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo after being exiled from Metroid by Mother Brain. They manage to recover the Triforce of Wisdom and battle across Hyrule, finally getting the Triforces back after a dangerous and perilous journey across Hyrule.
  • "Once Upon a Time Machine" - This episode has the N Team picnicking in Hyrule. Villains steal Kevin's Power Pad and Zapper to power a timeship, so Link and Kevin join forces with a time-traveling cat named Pero to get them back. They ultimately succeed, with Kevin learning a valuable lesson in keeping his options open when dealing with a threat.
  • "The Trojan Dragon" - This episode features Hyrule far less than the others listed here, and is the only one that doesn't open with a shot of the world. Some members of the N Team visit the world to build a wooden dragon, which they use to penetrate the Dragon Lord's lair on Dragons' Den.


There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not the Hyrule in Captain N is the same one from the Zelda cartoon series, and there are many arguments that support both sides. For instance, Link, Zelda and Ganon have the same voice actors and general appearances in both shows, but the Triforces are separated all through the Zelda cartoon series with no negative effects to Princess Zelda, whereas in "Having a Ball" their separation nearly kills her.