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King Hippo is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


King Hippo is a character in the separate cartoon and comic book continuities of Captain N: The Game Master. The two versions of the character share a lot of personality traits and some backstory. He is loosely based on the enemy of the same name from Punch-Out!!.

King Hippo is a boxer from the world of Punch-Out in Videoland. He works for Mother Brain, along with Eggplant Wizard. He is voiced by Garry Chalk.



King Hippo is gluttonous, dimwitted, and short-tempered, but extremely strong. He prefers to solve problems with brute force, making him a foil to the more timid Eggplant Wizard when they work as a team.

King Hippo seems to have something of an inflated ego, often renaming worlds after him when taking them over. ("Wishful Thinking," "Metroid Sweet Metroid")

Of all the N Team members, King Hippo seems to hate Simon Belmont the most, as evinced by the picture of Simon on his punching bag. ("Videolympics") King Hippo often treats Kid Icarus like an easy target, antagonizing him when given the chance, and has called him "Kid Icky". ("Metroid Sweet Metroid", "Simon the Ape-Man") Kid Icarus seems to be aware of this, when he expressed fear in wrestling King Hippo. ("Videolympics")


  • Superhuman Strength: King Hippo is much stronger than his obese appearance suggests. In a couple of different episodes, he is shown lifting a building off its foundation and punching through a metal safe. ("Videolympics," "The Trouble with Tetris")


Much like Eggplant Wizard, King Hippo is treated as a more serious threat in the comic, but makes fewer appearances. He is also the leader of a mob made up of crocodiles.