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Konga is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Konga was a resident of Kongoland in Videoland. He is only seen in Prince Plenty's crystal story.


Konga was a witch doctor who had the power to control plants and ruled over the Konkas, a tribe that once inhabited a city in Kongoland. The city was buried in an earthquake 1000 years ago, but Konga vowed that it would rise again and that the person who found his treasure would inherit his power.

Thanks to the greed of Mother Brain and her minions, Princess Lana was possessed by the spirit of Konga when his headdress landed on her head. She gained incredible powers that she used to create Monsterplants and a Plant T-Rex, which was defeated by Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong eventually managed to free Lana from Konga's control by destroying the headdress, causing all the Monsterplants to vanish and the city to sink into oblivion.