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Kongoland is a jungle world in both the cartoon and comic book continuities of Captain N: The Game Master. It is home to the giant gorilla Donkey Kong, who serves as a dangerous neutral character to heroes and villains alike.

The world is actually one of the most frequently-appearing worlds on the show. Most of the storylines here involve Donkey Kong to some extent, although Season 2 introduces a blue-skinned society led by Prince Plenty and a complex history of the land. In addition to Donkey Kong, other dangers on the world include the wild animals (such as Nitpickers and Snapjaws) and plant life, as well as volcanoes. The world is not based on an actual video game and has more in common with the Congo regions of Africa.


Kongoland is a jungle world.

It seems to have at least some availability of electricity, since there is a neon Kongoland sign on the world. ("Kevin in Videoland")

The world appears to have a green sky sometimes. ("Kevin in Videoland")

There are warp zones on the world.

There are deadly plants that somewhat resemble the Venus Fire Traps ("piranha plants") in the Super Mario Bros. series. ("Kevin in Videoland")

There is also an active volcano that shoots out boulders. ("Kevin in Videoland")

Kongoland has a lost city, which was once ruled by the evil witch doctor Konga. ("The Lost City of Kongoland")

Some of Kongoland's trees produce sap that can be used to make hypnotic ink. ("The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers")


Kongoland isn't seen as much in the comic. It largely features elements not featured in the games, and leans more into the natural aspects of the world. Inhabitants of Kongoland include giant worms and toad imps. The story "All's Well That Ends Swell" features locations known as the Valley of 1000 Holes and Well of Despair.