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Kraid is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Kraid is a character in the comic book continuity of Captain N: The Game Master. He is based on the antagonist of the same name from Metroid.


Kraid makes minor appearances in the cartoon, acting as an enforcer on Metroid. Though not referred to by name, concept art for a missile gun Kevin steals from him in "Metroid Sweet Metroid" reveals that this is supposed to be Kraid. Kraid first appears in "Kevin in Videoland", guarding Lana's cell and being defeated by Kevin. In "Mega Trouble for Megaland" he acts as a guard on Mount Icarus when taken over by King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard. There appear to be multiple Kraids in this episode. In "Metroid Sweet Metroid", Kraid is seen patrolling Metroid once more. He spots Duke playing dead, and when he inspects him, Kevin lassoes him, stealing his missile gun. Kraid makes his final appearance in "Gameboy", summoned by Gamebrain to battle Simon, and disappearing when Gameboy changes back to normal.


Kraid appears in the story "Breakout", he finds Samus in Prisonworld, initially attacking her with the other prisoners and failing. Samus later uses him to distract the guards so she can escape. He and Ridley appear in "When Friends Fall Out", in flashbacks where they capture Samus and try to get her to work for Mother Brain.