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Long John Baldry

John William "Long John" Baldry (January 12, 1941 – July 21, 2005) was an English and Canadian Bluesology member. He provided the voice for both King Charles and Mirror King Charles in Captain N: The Game Master, as well as other characters in the show, including:

Other roles[]

Long John Baldry also voiced Captain Gavin "The Crimson Binome" Capacitor in ReBoot and Dr. Ivo Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

He also provided the voice of the narrator in the English dub of Dragon Warrior, based on the game which was the basis for the Captain N episodes "Three Men and a Dragon" and "The Trojan Dragon".


Legendary singer/songwriter Elton John took the "John" part of his stage name from Baldry's name, as the two were friends and Baldry was a big influence on him.

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