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Malkil is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Malkil is an evil wizard who lives on Excalibur. He is loosely based on the main antagonist of the Wizards & Warriors series.


Malkil once helped Mother Brain take over the Palace of Power by trapping the N Team in the Nightmare Zone, but Princess Lana turned the tables and helped the team escape from the Nightmare Zone by tossing a magic apple into his mouth.



  • Malkil was also a villain on the cartoon show The Power Team, which was based on Acclaim video games. Unlike the depiction of a green-skinned dwarf, that depiction of Malkil was far more sinister and regal, wearing a skullcap and sporting a long forked beard. Malkil also had the ability to transform into monsters based on fire, water, earth, or wind - called "elementals" - as he was able to do in Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II.
  • Malkil's archenemy, the warrior Kuros, never appeared on Captain N, though he did appear on The Power Team.