Megaland is a futuristic world filled with robots and advanced technology. It is not only home to Mega Man, but also to the evil Dr. Wily and his fortress, Skull Castle.

Known residentsEdit


Megaland, which is one of the few worlds shown in all three seasons of the show, appears in the following episodes:

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • "The Big Game" - In Skull Castle, Dr. Wily discovers competition energy which he plans to use against the N Team. Mega Man also visits the world (off-camera) to get enhanced firepower from Dr. Wright to win the football game featured in the episode.

Season ThreeEdit

  • "A Tale of Two Dogs" - Dr. Wily and Dr. Wright join forces on Megaland to build a Peacekeeping Robot. Of course, it's all a trick and Wily just wants to use the robot to conquer Videoland. Mega Man and Kevin have to enter Skull Castle and stop Wily's plan.
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