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Megaland (also known as Monsteropolis) is a futuristic world filled with robots and advanced technology. It is not only home to Mega Man, but also to the evil Dr. Wily and his fortress, Skull Castle.

Known residents[]


Megaland, which is one of the few worlds shown in all three seasons of the show, appears in the following episodes:

Season One[]

Season Two[]

  • "The Big Game" - In Skull Castle, Dr. Wily discovers competition energy which he plans to use against the N Team. Mega Man also visits the world (off-camera) to get enhanced firepower from Dr. Wright to win the football game featured in the episode.

Season Three[]

  • "A Tale of Two Dogs" - Dr. Wily and Dr. Wright join forces on Megaland to build a Peacekeeping Robot. Of course, it's all a trick and Wily just wants to use the robot to conquer Videoland. Mega Man and Kevin have to enter Skull Castle and stop Wily's plan.