"Money Changes Everything" is the fifth story of the Captain N: The Game Master comic book series published by Valiant.

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Kevin Keene, Princess Lana, Kevin's dog Duke and Kid Icarus are seen overlooking Zebes via a cliff. Samus jumps down behind them, defending them from hordes of enemies and saying that Zebes is no place for weaklings. Lana makes several positive remarks about Samus, until she reacts in shock when she finds out that Samus is a woman.

The group teams up and makes a plan to destroy the Zebetite that is being shipped to Mother Brain on Metroid. They enter the Fire-Sea in Norfair and Samus is attacked by a swarm of Gamets. Kevin destroys them, but they drained Samus's armor of Energy, and she has about a minute before it explodes. Kevin jumps to a platform containing an Energy Tank (as he played Metroid several times before), grabs it and gives it to Samus, fully restoring her energy.

Samus and the others manage to get to the Zebetite, but only Samus' Missile will destroy it. Mother Brain then promises Samus that if she lets the Zebetite go and turns over the N Team, that she will receive all of Mother Brain's money. Samus complies, on the condition that she can keep Kevin.

Later, Lana and Kid Icarus are trapped on the shuttle carrying the Zebetite to Metroid, feeling betrayed. Kid Icarus tries to attack the guards piloting the ship, but it turns out that they are in fact Kevin and Samus. Samus remarks that she may be greedy, but is not stupid.

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  • Samus is depicted with a greedy personality in this story, though this has since been retconned by Nintendo. However, Samus seems to suggest that she is putting on an act.