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Mount Icarus is home to Kid Icarus and numerous other similar youthful winged archers. It is based loosely on the Kid Icarus video game.

Other inhabitants include an arrow maker called Carnicus who lives atop the world's eponymous mountain, the hideous snake-haired Medusa, and a philosopher called Fateicus. Though never explicitly mentioned on the show, the world is Eggplant Wizard's land of origin (as he appears in the Kid Icarus video games). The world appeared numerous times in the first season but faded into the background in later seasons, and was never seen again. Unlike other fantasy worlds of Videoland which are usually medieval, Mount Icarus has a design not unlike that of Ancient Greece and Rome.

This world is sometimes called Mount Olympus (accurate to the games) in the comics, though the Mount Icarus name still shows up occasionally, in which it is the homeworld of Kid Icarus and Uranos. It also has a location exclusive to the comics. An island known as Cornucopia, the home of many sentient fruits and vegetables similar to Eggplant Wizard. It is unknown if Eggplant Wizard himself hails from this island.



  • "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain" - Mega Man and Kid Icarus fight their way up Mount Icarus to get to Carnicus, needing an Antidote Arrow to cure Simon who had been stricken by a Love Arrow. While Carnicus was out of Antidote Arrows, he was able to provide Kid with Angry Arrows, which served the same purpose. Ultimately, they managed to rescue Simon just before the Love Arrow spell became perfect.
  • "Videolympics" - The world served as home to the competition to determine the throne of Videoland - which was actually just a cover for Mother Brain to get the Three Sacred Treasures. The story is continued in "Mega Trouble for Megaland" in which the N Team eventually manages to put an end to the evil plot."Wishful Thinking" - Kid Icarus became increasingly distraught after making a wish that turned him into a giant. While wandering, he was scolded by a townsperson for crushing their house, but eventually met Fateicus and regained his confidence. Ultimately, Kid was implied to have returned to the world following the episode's events with the magic lamp's genie, following his being wished free.
  • "Metroid Sweet Metroid" - Mount Icarus is one of the worlds where a victory celebration is trashed. In this case, King Hippo and a gang of boxers (none of whom were from the video game Punch-Out!!) did the trashing.