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A Mummy in "The Most Dangerous Game Master"

Mummies in "Return to Castlevania"

Mummies are undead creatures that are native to Castlevania in Videoland. They are loosely based on the enemy of the same name from Castlevania and its sequels.


Android Mike Vincent summoned a Mummy along with Frankenstein, a Werewolf, and the Count to attack Kevin Keene. While the rest of the N Team handled the other monsters, Duke defeated the Mummy by catching its wrappings in his mouth and unraveling it.

Later, when Simon Belmont and Kevin infiltrated the Count's castle to rescue the Poltergeist King, Alucard summoned four Mummies to attack them. Kevin's Zapper was useless against them, so he grabbed their wrappings and leaped high into the air to unravel them, then used the Mummies' wrappings to tie up Alucard and send him back to his coffin.


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