News World

News World is a very Earth-like world where the Daily Sun newspaper is published. Curiously, most of the residents are of Hispanic origin, indicating that race/ethnicity does exist in Videoland. It is never substantiated whether the Daily Sun is restricted to distribution on News World or if it reaches all over Videoland. The world is based on the video game Paperboy.


"The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers" - The N Team visits News World after receiving a tip. Julio the Paperboy informs them of Mother Brain's hypnotic ink scheme, and how reading the papers hypnotizes the reader into becoming Mother Brain's servant. He also reveals that he is unaffected because he can't read, since he has been cutting school to earn extra money on his paper route since his father lost his job. Soon enough, all of the N Team members except Kevin, Duke and Gameboy are hypnotized as well! Eventually the N Team discovers an antidote to the ink, and the few that have avoided being controlled use it to free the hypnotized residents.