The Nightmare Zone is a strange world in Videoland where people's worst nightmares come to life.


The Nightmare Zone appears only in "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street." In this episode, Mother Brain joined forces with the evil wizard Malkil from Excalibur, and launched an elaborate plan to trap the members of the N Team in the Nightmare Zone. They managed to eventually get all the N Team members there - and their worst nightmares did, indeed, come true. Kevin was attacked by the junk in his room. Lana's face transformed into that of Mother Brain. Kid Icarus was attacked by his own bow. Mega Man was frozen solid by Ice Man. And the vain, egotistical Simon Belmont was eternally mortified when his muscles began sagging, his hair and teeth fell out, and pimples grew on his face during a "Mr. Videoland" beauty contest. Eventually, Kevin came up with a plan to escape the world by sleeping, and they trapped Mother Brain and company in the Nightmare Zone with their own tainted apples.