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Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date November 4, 1989
Written by Jeffrey Scott
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"Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street" is a Season 1 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the ninth episode of both the season and the series.

The episode was written by Jeffrey Scott.

Plot summary[]

Mother Brain uses a tainted apple to send Princess Lana into a deep sleep. It's all part of a plan to trap the N Team in the Nightmare Zone - a strange dimension where a person's worst nightmares come to life.

Character appearances[]

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N Team Forces of Chaos Others

Note: If 2 or more characters have the same number, that means they first appeared in the same shot.


  • This episode's title is obviously a reference to the movie/franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street, which was also released as a game for the NES. However, the episode itself does not contain any references to the game, the movie(s), or Freddy Krueger.
  • This episode's basic plot is based on the classic tale of Snow White.
  • One of the posters on Kevin's bedroom wall (as seen in the Nightmare Zone) is of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Jeffrey Scott, who wrote all of Season 1, is a big Star Trek fan and worked as many references into the episodes as he could.
  • In Kevin's bedroom there is a pennant for Yale University.
  • The edited version shown in Season 3 was shown with the Super Mario World cartoon "A Little Learning."
  • The Wizards and Warriors games were later made part of the basis of the cartoon portion of the show Video Power, which featured a few of the same talents as Captain N: The Game Master.



  • The N on Kevin's jacket is missing when he says "A plus, Mother Brain!"


  • When the shot first changes in the scene in the portrait gallery, one of the paintings on the wall is gone.
  • The show names the world of Wizards & Warriors as Excalibur; in the actual game, it's called Elrond.
  • Kevin points one out by saying there are no green keys in Wizards & Warriors after they find one; this is never explained. There are also no gunslinging dwarves.
  • In the distance shot of Duke with the pizza, it has no toppings. In the close-up when he actually eats it, the toppings are there.
  • Simon's hand-held mirror is usually gold (as is the case when he tries to wake up Lana with a kiss), but it is white when he uses it while on stage at the "Mr. Videoland Universe" contest in the Nightmare Zone.
  • There are various inconsistencies between the version of Kevin's bedroom seen in the Nightmare Zone and the one from the live-action opening.


  • The episode is called Nightmare on Mother Brain Street, and yet, despite what the title suggests, Kevin an his friends never make it to Mother Brain Street.
  • It's never explained why people enter the Nightmare Zone only by eating the poisoned apples and never by any other means.
  • There's no reason given for why Kevin and Lana would want to clean up the version of his messy room in the Nightmare Zone. Escaping would seem like a bigger priority.
  • Can Kevin really throw apples hard enough to embed them in glass? And do three apples contain enough juice to fill Mother Brain's tank? If not, the climax of the episode is nonsensical.
  • It could be possible that Kevin threw the apples so hard that it cracked a hole in mother brain's containment glass and the animators were too lazy to actually animate Mother Brain's Containment Jar glass getting broken with cracks on the side. (Weird ain't
  • At the end of the episode, Mother Brain and her minions are trapped in the Nightmare Zone indefinitely with no easy way out. It's not clear how they escape before the next episode.
    • Episodes such as "Metroid Sweet Metroid" suggest that Mother Brain has a power source on the world of Metroid that allows her to regenerate herself after each defeat. This would explain why she survives experiences that no other villain does, such as getting de-digitalized by a Crash Star in "How's Bayou."

Variants and alterations[]

  • The episode was edited to air as a fifteen-minute version in Season 3. In addition to the music being changed throughout the episode, the following scenes were cut:
    • Eggplant Wizard accidentally transforming Mother Brain into an apple, a slice of apple pie, and changing her back (although Mother Brain's "that's better" line after getting her normal body back remains).
    • Kevin introducing the pizza he is going to make for Lana (basically every part of the scene prior to Eggplant Wizard ringing the doorbell).
    • Though Duke is still shown eating the whole pizza, the later scene of Kevin scolding him for eating the whole pizza is cut.
    • Simon unveiling his portrait in the Palace gallery, and all subsequent references to the scene.
    • The werewolf scene.
    • The entire "spider cave" and "seven warp dwarves" scenes. However, Malkil's reference to the "deadly dwarf warp" when making the frog, and the N Team finding the green key, strangely remain.
    • Simon pulling out various weapons to threaten the frog with.
    • The scene of Kevin and Simon bribing the Castle IronSpire guard.
    • A brief line of dialogue from Mother Brain and Malkil after Simon enters the Nightmare Zone.
    • The "Kevin's Bedroom" scene in the Nightmare Zone.
  • When the Family Channel (and possibly USA Network) aired this episode, the scene with Malkil conjuring up a frog creature was cut.

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