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Nikki is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Nikki is a supporting character of Wombatman. She is a parody of Vicki Vale, a supporting character of Batman.


Nikki is Wombatman's girlfriend. She was held prisoner by Mother Brain. Wombatman first attempted to rescue her. King Hippo tried to knock out Wombatman, but he was too strong for him. Eggplant Wizard fired tomatoes from his sceptre, but this backfired when Wombatman spun his cape and sent the tomatoes right back at Eggplant Wizard, jokingly remarking "You need to do better than that; I had plenty of tomatoes thrown at me when I first started in show business!" Mother Brain looked in anguish at her two defeated underlings, until she noticed two Wombatmen. The second Wombatman had been hiding in the shadows, about to free Nikki with a boomerang; the first being a robotic doppelganger. He was seized by Mother Brain, who demanded the "real Wombatman to step forward" and destroyed the robot. She forced Wombatman to capture most of the N Team in exchange for her safety. When he attempted to do so with Kid Icarus, he convinced Wombatman to turn on Mother Brain. With the aid of Kid Icarus, Wombatman was able to rescue her.



In some scenes, Nikki is drawn with an animal-like nose instead of a human nose. This may have been tribute to Disney cartoons such as Ducktales, which drew many characters as anthropomorhic dogs with animal noses. However, since her boyfriend is an anthropomorphic wombat, this is most likely done on purpose to make her appear more animalistic and stave off accusations that the cartoon was suggesting bestiality or zoophilia.