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The Northridge High Football Team is a group of characters in Captain N: The Game Master.


The Northridge High Football Team is a group of people who are acquaintances of Kevin Keene (Captain N), a fellow student and athlete at Northridge High School. The team is the varsity football team. Rick Walker (pictured middle) is the team captain and quarterback. The other two members seen were not named in the episode (although the player to the right is jokingly called "Romeo" at one point).

Stacey is a cheerleader that cheers for the team.


Kevin got to see them again when they were transported to Videoland during Saturday football practice (which Stacey inexplicably was present for). Along with the N Team, they played football against Dr. Wily's Robot Masters. According to Princess Lana, they will automatically forget all of their memories of Videoland once they return to Earth, which would also happen to Kevin. However, it should be noted this contradicts her statement in "How's Bayou" that she'd go and visit Earth with Kevin at some point.



  • It is unknown why only three football players were at the school for practice when the gym and football field were warped to Videoland.
  • The name "Romeo" for the player on the right, which Rick Walker probably said in jest, was adopted by the Captain N Internet fandom as his actual name, and he was given the surname "Roberts" as a form of name alliteration similar to Kevin Keene.
  • The fandom also gave the name "Julius" to the player on the left as a pun on Romeo and Juliet, and he was given the surname "Jones" as another example of alliteration.
  • "Romeo" was meant to be an Earth counterpart, visually as well as in amorous personality, to Simon Belmont.