Cap N Nottingham

Nottingham is a medieval world in Videoland. It is loosely based on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.


"Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods" - Kevin and Kid Icarus stop by in the Warp Wagon to refuel after a mission to Dragons' Den. The world apparently has a filling station for refueling the Warp Wagon, which seems unusual considering its medieval nature (although it's entirely possible that the natives could store fuel here for travelers from other worlds). The twosome has a run-in with the Sheriff of Nottingham, but manages to foil his plan to rob the local merchant. Eventually Kevin and Kid Icarus meet up with Robin Hood and the Merry Men - and put an end to the Sheriff and Prince John's schemes, rescuing Maid Marian. When all is said and done, Kid Icarus is welcome with open arms as a member of the Merry Men, despite them initially looking down upon him for his size.