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The Palace of Power is the home of the monarchy of Videoland in the cartoon and comic book continuities of Captain N: The Game Master.


The Palace of Power is situated on a world that, depending on the episode, is devoid of anything else or has a garden and sidewalk.

The Palace is depicted as large and spacious with a golden exterior and interior.

Various rooms include the throne room; the living room; Princess Lana's bedroom; Kevin Keene, Simon Belmont, and Duke's bedroom; a conference room; a courtyard; a kitchen; a tennis court, a basketball court; a communications room; and a football field.


Not as much of the Palace is seen in the comic books, so the comic book continuity's Palace is largely unknown. The interior is brown. Rooms include the throne room and the hangar.

Name of the World[]

The video world on which the Palace of Power sits is never mentioned in the cartoon series or the comic book series.

Princess Lana's bio from the production bible, which was included on the first DVD set, states her home world as Videoland, which calls into question the scope of Lana's role as "Princess of Videoland".