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Power Pad Cap N

The Power Pad is part of a weapon system used by Kevin Keene in the cartoon and comic book continuities of Captain N: The Game Master. It is designed as a standard NES controller, except the buttons aren't labeled. It is worn on a belt.


The Power Pad, along with the Zapper, was given to Kevin when he was pulled through the Ultimate Warp into Videoland. ("Kevin in Videoland")

There is a power meter consisting of eight buttons on top of the Power Pad. Green buttons indicate the amount of remaining energy; darkened buttons indicate that some energy has been expended. Each time that Kevin performs a function (including firing the Zapper), one unit of energy is used up. Therefore, the Power Pad and Zapper can (presumably) be used a maximum of eight times before requiring a recharge. However, this is usually ignored or forgotten in nearly every episode. The only time that it is followed is in "Kevin in Videoland," and, even then, Kevin ends up firing his Zapper a few more times than he should be able to.


Pressing what would be the Select button (on an NES controller) activates the Pause function. Everyone and everything except for Kevin pauses. The scope and nature of the pause has never been explored in depth, and who and what are paused vary from episode to episode (and even within an episode). Kevin exclaims "Pause!" whenever he does this, though it's unclear if he's required to do this, believes he's required to do this, or does this for dramatic effect. The Pause function wears off after a while, though the length of time it can be maintained varies without any sort of explanation.


Pressing the same button while the Pause function is active will unpause everything. ("Kevin in Videoland")


Pressing Left and Right on the D-Pad will cause Kevin to shift in the appropriate direction.

Pressing either the B or A button (it isn't clear which) will cause Kevin to jump high up.


Kevin can move around as a ball of light with his Power Pad. This strange ability is used only once and never seen again. It's likely a concept dropped after the pilot episode. ("Kevin in Videoland")

The first time using the Jump function, Kevin exclaims "Jump!" He never does this again. It's likely a concept dropped after the pilot episode, but a possible in-story reason is Kevin is unfamiliar with the requirements of the Power Pad at this point. ("Kevin in Videoland")

The Power Pad also powers the (wireless) Zapper, which is kept in a holster on the right-hand side of the belt.


  • The term "Power Pad" is incorrect. It's actually the name of a completely different NES accessory.
  • In "Kevin in Videoland," both Princess Lana and Kevin call the Power Pad a "Super Power Pad." The word "Super" is dropped after this episode, though it is frequently called the Super Power Pad in the comic series.