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The Puzzle Wizard is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


The Puzzle Wizard is a resident of the world of Tetris in Videoland. He is an evil wizard made of puzzle pieces.


The Puzzle Wizard had the power to "Tetrisize" people, turning them into Tetrads and placing them under his control. He took over the world of Tetris by transforming most of the residents who resisted him, including Princess Lana's brother Lyle. He stole the N Team's weapons when they confronted him, then transformed Simon Belmont and Mayor Squaresly when Simon took too long to answer a riddle. Kevin, however, managed to complete the Puzzle Wizard's Tetris challenge while Lana found Lyle and restored him to normal. The royal siblings then used their rings to deflect the Puzzle Wizard's ray and blow him apart.