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Queen of the Apes
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date September 22, 1990
Written by Sean Roche and David Ehrman
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"Queen of the Apes" is a Season 2 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the second episode of the season and the fifteenth episode of the series.

The episode was cowritten by Sean Roche and David Ehrman.

Plot summary[]

Mother Brain has Dr. Wily invent a brain-swapping machine so that she may steal Princess Lana's body. But things take an unexpected turn when the swapper is prematurely activated, during the N Team's visit to Prince Plenty's kingdom on Kongoland. Mother Brain ends up in Donkey Kong's body, Donkey Kong ends up in Gameboy's body, and Gameboy ends up in Mother Brain's body! On top of everything, the three get separated, with Simon having to follow Gameboy to a tribe of apes and Mega Man and Kid Icarus having to cart Mother Brain through perilous mountains. Although things did not go as planned for Mother Brain, she is now in a better position than her original plan because she is now gigantic thanks to being in Donkey Kong's body and can simply take over every world, beginning with Kongoland. It is up to Princess Lana and Captain N to stop her.

Character appearances[]

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N Team Forces of Chaos Others


  • First Season 2 episode to take place on Kongoland.
  • First appearance of Prince Plenty.
  • Donkey Kong is revealed to have a family of differently-dressed monkeys. The concept of Donkey Kong having a family of Kongs would later be a major element of the Donkey Kong Country game series, which started four years after this episode aired. It's not know if this episode was an influence.
  • In the Original NBC Broadcast Airings,this Episode's Teaser was Narrated by Kevin Keene/Captain N





  • Donkey Kong's footprints look nothing like his feet.

Variants and alterations[]

  • Version on in the initial release of Shout! Factory's DVD was missing 2 minutes or so of content due to a manufacturing error.
  • This is one of the episodes of the series that was dubbed into Spanish.

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