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Rebonack, also known as Ironknuckle, is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Rebonack is an evil knight who resides on Hyrule. He is based on the enemy of the same name from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.


Ironknuckle and his armored horse appeared in a couple of episodes, both of which took place on Hyrule. In "Quest for the Potion of Power," he was the guardian of the Potion of Power and attacked Kevin, Link, and Princess Zelda when they came to the Island Palace to claim it. He snatched up Zelda while relying on his armor to protect him from Kevin's Zapper and Link's sword beams, but they destroyed his horse with simultaneous shots. He then charged the three of them with his sword drawn, but the combined powers of Kevin's Zapper, Link's sword, and Zelda's arrow were enough to defeat him.

In "Having a Ball," Kevin, Lana, Link, and Zelda were charged by an Ironknuckle while traveling through a forest in search of the Triforces of Power and Courage. They leaped out of his way and let him charge into a lake, where his armor dragged him underwater.