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The Sheriff of Nottingham is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


The Sheriff of Nottingham is a high-ranking officer who enforces Prince John's will in Nottingham. He is an enemy of Robin Hood and the Merry Men.


Kid Icarus and Kevin ran into the Sheriff of Nottingham while he and Prince John were shaking down a shopkeeper. The sheriff and his posse attacked them while the prince fled, but they fought him off with some help from Robin Hood. The sheriff later caught Maid Marian eavesdropping on him as he plotted with Prince John and came up with a way to incorporate her into their plot. After the archery tournament, he tried to force Robin Hood and his friends to surrender by threatening to keep Maid Marian locked in the tower forever, but her leap of faith and Kid Icarus' quick and accurate shooting foiled his plans.