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Simon the Ape-Man
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date November 11, 1989
Written by Jeffrey Scott
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"Simon the Ape-Man" is a Season 1 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the tenth episode of both the season and the series.

The episode was written by Jeffrey Scott.

Plot summary[]

During a skateboarding showdown between Kevin and Simon, Simon crashes and hits his head. Simon gets amnesia as a result of the crash. While he searches for himself, Mother Brain's lackeys attempt to brainwash him, but he ultimately ends up thinking he is Donkey Kong Jr.! The N Team has to return him to his senses, since the world of Castlevania needs him to combat a vampire threat unleashed by the Count.

Character appearances[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

N Team Forces of Chaos Others

Note: Characters with the same number 1st appeared in the same shot.


  • The title is derived from the 1981 movie "Tarzan: The Ape Man." Starring Miles O'Keefe and Bo Derek.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Mother Brain appears, but is not the main villain.
  • During the Ballerina scene,Simon warps into a Modern Ninja themed Video World which the Episode never explains what specific Nes Game it's based off of. it's possible that that it's based off of either "Ninja Gaiden" from Tecmo or "Wrath of the Black Manta" by Taito. (Since both games were ninja themed video games with a modern setting that had robbers and thugs as enemies)
  • Simon rips off one of Donkey Kong's toenails. Needless to say the great ape was not pleased.
  • This is one of the few, if any, episodes that shows Simon to actually be competent at his job, rather than being his usual arrogant, incompetent, blowhard self shown in most other episodes.



  • N missing on Kevin's jacket when Simon walks off as a Kongoland tour guide, and when he crashes on the ironing board and looks to the N Team as he gets up.
  • There are scenes in which Simon's skin and his coat are colored incorrectly.
  • Mother Brain has white eyes in a few shots, and frequently appears off model.
  • Donkey Kong has less fur on his head than he does in his other appearances, making him look more like his in-game sprite.


  • When Simon thinks he's a ballerina and jumps into a warp zone Lana walks over, but she's wearing her regular outfit when she'd just been wearing a leotard.


  • Simon's amnesia throughout the course of the episode seemed to be primarily concious in nature and his memory still functioned on a subconscious level. This might be how he knew he had a backpack that contained an ape dictionary.

Variants and alterations[]

  • The version on the DVD set is lacking a title and writer credit. This is presumably how the episode originally aired on NBC.

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