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Stacey is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Stacey is a girl who lives in California and is a cheerleader at Northridge High School. She cheers for the Northridge High Football Team.


Back in California, Kevin Keene helped her study for her algebra test. He asked her on a date, but she was "busy".

One Saturday, she joined three members of the football team in the school gym for football practice, and they were all transported to Videoland by Dr. Wily. She fell in love with Kevin Keene, making Princess Lana jealous. She - with assistance from Gameboy - cheered when the N Team and the football team played football against Dr. Wily's Robot Masters.



  • Stacey is meant to be an Earth counterpart, visually, to Princess Lana, which might explain Kevin's attraction to both ladies.
  • It is unknown why Stacey joined three football players in the gym for football practice. Did she just really want to motivate them and had nothing else to do?
  • The spelling of Stacey's name (with the e) comes from NBC's closed captions for the episode. In lieu of the episode's script, it's the most official source to go on. (Some pre-Internet fanfics spelled her name without the e.)
  • Stacey was given the surname "Anderson" by the Captain N Internet fandom for fanfic purposes. Other, pre-Internet fanfics gave her the surnames "Morrison" and "Beckett".