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Various teasers have been created to preview an airing of an episode. These would air before the opening theme song.


The episode teasers during the NBC run were narrated by a series character and would preview the plot of the upcoming episode. They were included in the YTV syndicated run in Canada and in various foreign dubs. These teasers are highly sought-after by the fandom, since they have not been seen in the United States since the NBC run.


The teasers used footage from the episode in question and instrumental music or a song (which may or may not be from the episode in question).

Season 1[]

Episode Title Music Narrator Narration Notes
How's Bayou (unknown which version) Born on the Bayou (instrumental) Mega Man In Bayouland, the N Team drops into deep mega-trouble, and, when King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard show up, things only get worse.
In Search of the King Shake It Up Kevin Keene It's double trouble in Videoland when the mysterious Mirror Warp unleashes the evil opposites of the N Team. Do we stand a chance against our own twisted twins?
Mega Trouble for Megaland instrumental Kevin Keene It's awesome video action when the N Team is up against an army of deadly androids, a magical monster called Medusa, and the ultimate in evil, Mother Brain herself.

Metroid Sweet Metroid

instrumental Kevin Keene It looks like Videoland is gonna lose its Game Master forever, 'cause, thanks to Mother Brain, I'm on a one-way trip to her hideous home, Metroid! Mother Brain exclaims "Welcome home, Captain N!" as in the episode.
The Most Dangerous Game Master instrumental Kevin Keene I've been up against some pretty intense dudes here in Videoland, but this time I've really met my match. The school bully is after me, and, even worse, he's been trained by Mother Brain.
Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street instrumental Kevin Keene Princess Lana is trapped in the freaky Nightmare Zone! It's gonna take an N Team wake-up call to save her from the biggest bad dream of them all, Mother Brain.
Simon the Ape-Man instrumental Kevin Keene When Simon Belmont drops into the Kongoland jungle, things really get hairy, especially when a knock to his noggin has him thinking he's Donkey Kong, Jr..
Three Men and a Dragon instrumental Kevin Keene When Mother Brain's evil darkens the world of the dragon warriors, there's only one hope left: a bouncing baby dragon. This is a babysitting job only the N Team can (could?) handle.
Videolympics instrumental Kevin Keene It's the Videolympics, and the N Team is training like there's no tomorrow. Come to think of it, if we can't beat Mother Brain's team, there won't be a tomorrow.

Wishful Thinking

Shakedown Kevin Keene

Kid Icarus has a small problem: he wants to be big. When a magic lamp grants his wish, the kid becomes colossal, and that means giant-size trouble for the N Team.

Kevin in Videoland

instrumental Kevin Keene

Playing video games at home is nothing compared to living them, especially when you're up against the ultimate in evil, Mother Brain!

Season 2[]

Episode Title Music Narrator Narration Notes
Gameboy instrumental Princess Lana We think we have problems when Gameboy goes berserk and trashes the Palace, but that's before Mother Brain turns him into a deadly Gamebrain.
The Lost City of Kongoland instrumental Simon Belmont Rescuing Princesses is a man's job, and I really get wrapped up in my work when Her Gentleness needs my help to throw her weight around!
When Mother Brain Rules (v/1) instrumental Simon Belmont (unknown)-when she let that Captain N come along too.

Season 3[]

Episode Title Music Narrator Narration Notes
Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls instrumental Kevin Keene Bo Jackson may know baseball, but I know Mother Brain. When she takes over Videoland, the race for home is flying with foul balls. If we strike out, the N Team could wind up in the cellar - forever.
The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N instrumental Princess Lana When Kevin falls under the spell of an evil elf, it's up to the N Team to make him see the light. If we don't wake him up, his dream to become a powerful prince could be a final fantasy.
Pursuit of the Magic Hoop instrumental Kevin Keene Meeting Larry Bird is a dream-come-true, but, when it grows into a walking, hopping nightmare, we have to play our hoops right just to beat the clock. Our best shot at winning this game could be our last.
A Tale of Two Dogs instrumental Megaman When that mega-rat Dr. Wily kidnaps our dogs, Captain N and I wind up in turtle soup. It's a dogfight getting out, but, if his giant robot takes over Videoland, we could all bite the dust.

Legal status[]

According to Brian Ward, the producer of the DVD set for The Shout! Factory, the teasers were created by NBC, not DiC, and were therefore not part of the original deal for the DVD set. He claimed to have fought hard to have the teaser for "Kevin in Videoland" included as a bonus feature on the DVD set and won. This, of course, raises the question of how NBC-created teasers appeared on YTV and in foreign dubs. It seems unlikely that a television network would create custom trailers for each episode of an animated TV series. Also, even if the teasers were created by NBC and allowed in these other markets, why would NBC not allow them on the DVD set? What possible advantage could it be to them?

A more likely explanation is at least two of the Season 1 teasers use songs, and they couldn't be removed for the DVD release, so the teasers were cut out across the board, and the above-mentioned story was given as some sort of odd cover-up.

The Family Channel[]

At least two teasers, narrated by a generic narrator, were used in the syndicated run on The Family Channel.

Simon: You must be Captain N.
Narrator: He's a teenage, valiant video warrior, defending his new friends against malicious mutants.
Simon: We can defeat you as a team!
Narrator: Catch the adventures of Captain N, today at 9:30 / 8:30 Central on The Family Channel!

Narrator: He's a super-cool video whiz kid, sent to battle bogus video vagrants. It's always an awesome adventure with Captain N, next on Fun Town!