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The Trojan Dragon
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date December 8, 1990
Written by Matt Uitz
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"The Trojan Dragon" is a Season 2 episode of Captain N: The Game Master. It is the tenth episode of the season and the twenty-third episode of the series.

The episode was written by Matt Uitz.

Plot summary[]

Dragon Lord has his minions steal the Sun Stone, the device that energizes the Palace of Power, to hatch a deadly Golden Dragon. The N Team heads to Dragons' Den to recover the Sun Stone, with Lana and Kevin searching for Power Items to use against the enemies, while Simon heads to Hyrule to team up with Link and Zelda, and build a wooden dragon for penetrating Dragon Lord's fortress.

Character appearances[]

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  • This episode aired with the SMB3 episodes "Mush-Rumors" and "The Ugly Mermaid" in the NBC run.
  • The only one of the four episodes of original content in which Link and Zelda appear that doesn't begin with a shot of Hyrule.
  • The theme music from the following games are present:
    • Gradius - The Stage 2 music plays when the Dragonlord and Stoop conceive their plan to steal the Sunstone
    • Marble Madness - The Level 2 music plays during the fight with the Slimes.



  • In his first close-up, Simon's face is much paler than usual.


  • When the N Team is shown building the artificial dragon on Hyrule, in one shot Kevin and Lana are shown helping, even though they're on Dragons' Den at the time.
  • In the shop, Kevin notes that a vial of fairy water is the only thing left to buy. The previous shot had shown a sword in a barrel, likely also for sale.
  • The Cursed Necklace is an item from the Dragon Warrior game, and Fairy Water can't be used to get rid of it.


  • In the game, the slimes are the very first and weakest enemies. Yet they spit acid that can melt solid rock, depicting them as a serious threat to the N Team. Dic may not have done enough research on Square Enix's Dragon Quest Franchise on their part.
  • Furthermore, the Slimes in Captain N look menacing and more sinister, and look nothing like their game counterparts, which in the actual dragon quest games, the slime enemies were cute blue jelly enemies with smiles on their faces.

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