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Uranos is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Uranos is a character in the comic book continuity of Captain N: The Game Master. He is loosely based on the enemy of the same name from Kid Icarus.

Uranos is a demigod from the world of Mount Olympus. He works for Mother Brain.


Uranos doesn't appear in the cartoon series. A man resembling Uranos does make a small appearance in Wishful Thinking however. He yells at the now 50 foot tall Kid Icarus for squashing his house, before being scared off by his height. It is unknown if this was supposed to be Uranos.


Uranos appears in the comic book series as a member of the League of Darkness. He was most likely added to fill the gap of third party characters, similar to Samus Aran. Despite having a small sprite in the original game, he was given a very burly design in the series.

Uranos' role is similar to that of Dr. Wily in the cartoon, assisting Mother Brain in coming up with schemes and seemingly playing the role of second in command. He's presented as being more competent than Eggplant Wizard in the story Villains' Do's and Don'ts, though can still be thwarted by the N Team.