"Welcome To Videoland" is the first story of the Captain N: The Game Master comic book series published by Valiant.

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This two-page comic details the main protagonist, Kevin Keene, and how he got warped to Videoland. Samus appears towards the end of the comic. Mother Brain appears at the beginning.

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  • Little Mac is seen boxing with King Hippo in this comic but appears nowhere else in the Captain N comics. The Punch-Out!! segments of the Nintendo Comics System likewise appear to take place in the real world - in locations such as Tokyo and New York City. However, there is precedence for real-world locations having Videoland equivalents. Nonetheless, no further connection between Little Mac and Captain N is given in the course of The Nintendo Comics System.
  • Donkey Kong being shown on monitors with other game villains seems to imply he's one of Mother Brain's followers, but as in the show he's portrayed as an animalistic neutral character.