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"When Friends Fall Out" is the twenty-sixth and final story of the Captain N: The Game Master comic book series published by Valiant.

Publication History[]

Plot Summary[]

Samus, Lana and Kevin are traveling in Samus' gunship to The Locker to pick up the Medusa Ray, which may undo the spell cast on Kid Icarus by Medusa. Lana and Samus have a small argument about space bounty hunting and its legality. When they arrive at The Locker they are greeted by many other unnamed hunters which wear similar suits to Samus' though with different color schemes. Lana remarks that she is popular, to which Samus replies, "they owe me a lot of favors". Next they go to her personal storage area is on level 200.

While climbing the elevator shaft, Samus explains what the Medusa Ray is, saying she found it on a dead planet. Answering one of Lana's questions about robbery, she says she does not have to worry because she has a warp key that unlocks a pocket dimension on the other side of the door.

While exploring, Lana comes across the Flame Chip, which had been used as a reward for the kidnapping of her father. She speaks to Kevin about it later on, though he does not believe it. Samus overhears their conversation and declares that their alliance is at an end. Lana tells Kevin that she will not leave without Samus, and orders him to help bring her to trial. He refuses, saying that he wants to hear her side of the story. Lana, however, objects; she throws a pot at Kevin's head to knock him out, steals his Zapper, and flees. Once Kevin recovers he goes after her.

Meanwhile, Samus eats a dinner of steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli with Comet Grog in the canteen. Lana attempts to arrest Samus, but Samus beats her in a duel. Lana stuns Samus by flooding her armor with pure oxygen when she finds the air supply valve. Lana lures Samus near the docking bay, where the brawl continues. Kevin arrives just in time, asking Samus to tell her side of the story. Years ago she was kidnapped by Kraid and Ridley and brought to Metroid, where she was corrupted temporarily. Unconscious, she awoke later in The Locker with the Flame Chip. Lana grabs the Medusa Ray from the ship and attempts to fire it at Samus. Kevin convinces her that she should trust Samus.

Later, while the three are asleep, Duke, Kevin's dog, hears the Flame Chip's thoughts. Samus did not awake with the Flame Chip; she found it and took it with her. Duke is told to keep her innocence a secret.

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