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The Zapper is a weapon used by Kevin Keene in the cartoon and comic book continuities of Captain N: The Game Master. It has the same design as a standard orange NES Zapper. In most episodes the Zapper's colors are the opposite of what the actual Zapper is (where the handle is grey, and the mid-section is red); however, there are a few episodes in which it is colored correctly. It is kept in a holster on the right-hand side of the Power Pad's belt.


The Zapper, along with the Power Pad, was given to Kevin when he was pulled through the Ultimate Warp into Videoland. ("Kevin in Videoland") It is powered by the Power Pad.

In most episodes, water shorts out the Zapper and stops it from firing. ("How's Bayou," "A Tale of Two Dogs") In one episode, however, Kevin uses it underwater to zap some Snapjaws. ("Queen of the Apes")

It seems to possess different properties in some circumstances, such as firing fruits and vegetables when Kevin turned into an eggplant. ("Wishful Thinking") It also fired ketchup when in Burger Time. ("Gameboy") This can also explain why water doesn't short out the Zapper in Queen of the Apes.


The Zapper fires a laser beam that can destroy or harm most enemies and other objects. The laser's color varies from episode to episode; blue and yellow are the most common, but red and green have also been shown. The Zapper also has a freeze setting that Kevin uses on occasion.