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Zombie is a character in Captain N: The Game Master.


Zombies are undead creatures that are native to Castlevania in Videoland. They are based on the enemy of the same name from Castlevania and its sequels.


The Count can use his necromantic powers to raise and control hordes of Zombies, and he once did so in an attempt to conquer Castlevania. Simon Belmont had lost his memory and believed that he was Donkey Kong's son, forcing the rest of the N Team to physically drag him to Castlevania and help them deal with the Zombie army. Using his apelike strength and agility, Simon beat the Zombies back before they could hurt his friends. He then called for support from Donkey Kong, who reached through a nearby warp, scooped up the Zombies in his hand, and dropped them into a mausoleum.


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